audio for windows xp?
2009-01-24 12:40:43 UTC
i recently bought a game for windows and it crashed the laptop i have.
i lost everything including basic software along with my audio so now i cant play any sound like on youtube or any music. i have searched for software but there isnt anything to get the most basic software to play audio. i was wondering if anyone knew any site or anything where i can download the most simple software that can play audio please. greatly appreciated.
Four answers:
2009-01-24 14:30:27 UTC
Check that your settings haven't gone wrong due to the crash. Click Start > Control Panel > Sounds & Audio Devices. In the dialog window that opens make any adjustments needed and click Apply, do this in each of the tabs and close all the windows
2009-01-24 12:47:08 UTC
Check out the following web site
2009-01-24 12:46:16 UTC
Either do a Microsoft update or go to the mfg. of the computer and download the audio drivers.
2016-10-25 17:07:15 UTC
contained in the starting up Menu Double click My pc, then click homes. click Hardware, and contained in the Window that open you'll discover gadget manager, then click it, it is going to carry you to a window that enumerate each and each and every of the hardware on your gadget.

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