reformat pc from Vista to XP?
hugh h
2009-08-17 18:37:10 UTC
I am planning on buying a new pc but don't want Vista o/s.
Is it possible to reformat the computer to Windows XP, what's involved, and what problems would this create?
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2009-08-17 18:44:27 UTC
It is possible and not too hard. You will need a XP CD and CD Key. Where you might run into problems is drivers for the devices in the new machine. I would download all the XP version of the drivers for everything and stick them on a USB drive before I started.

Just insert the XP CD and reboot the machine, choose the complete install and follow the prompts. It will format the drive and Vista will go bye bye when you do.
2009-08-17 18:47:31 UTC
fyi, at this point, vista is not all that bad, its rep is far worse than any of its actual problems. Windows 7 is coming out at the end of october and most of the major manufacturers have started giving vouchers to people purchasing their computers for Windows 7 once it comes out. If you are planning to go purchase XP, i say its not worth it. XP is very very old (released in 2001) and windows 7 is fantastic (been running the beta version myself for several months now). Unless you really need XP for something, i would recommend against installing it at this point. Any new computer with a dual or quad core cpu and at least 2GB of ram will handle vista without any problems.
2009-08-17 18:46:29 UTC
You will need a special driver if your new Vista machine uses a SATA hard drive (it does). XP does not support SATA drives by default. Only IDE.

Info from our friend, Google:

But why not wait until Oct 22nd and the new Windows 7 is released to the public.

I am using Windows 7RC and it pretty much rocks. Its what Vista should have been.

I think if you were to buy a Vista machine today, it would allow a free upgrade to "7" come Fall.
Extreme Twist of Fate
2009-08-17 19:07:32 UTC
Yes this is very possible. you have some options

1) if your new pc has vista ultimate or business, microsoft will give you a product key for xp pro if you call and give them the product key for the vista disk

2) buy an oem xp disk, and find the drivers for your computer online and download them from here
2009-08-17 18:41:35 UTC
You are very smart.

This will create no problems. The only thing is that you have to do a fresh install, because you can not upgrade vista to XP, you have to completely reformat it.
2009-08-17 18:57:05 UTC
Check the website support section for your pc maker.If they support XP it should be easy to do.

You will need to buy XP from an OEM reseller.(If you dont have a full copy)Ebay is a good source.

Then you will need to check the support site of your PC manufacturer for hardware drivers for XP.If they don't have the drivers,you will need to go to Intel or AMD for hard drive controllers and Nvidia or ATI for graphics drivers.Etc for anyother hardware.

But it can be done.

If XP doesn't have your SATA hard drive controller driver then you will need a floppy drive or use Nlite to slipstream the driver.

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