i have a few keys(q,w,e,r,u,i,o,p) not working in my keyboard.Any ideas 2 get me outta this?
2010-05-14 21:57:16 UTC
Is there any way 2 configure some other keys(say the number keys) for those dead keys??
Currently am using on-screen-keyboard....
Eight answers:
Troy G
2010-05-14 22:00:29 UTC
First of all reboot your PC if you have not, if that does not fix it your keyboard may be jacked. Just go to wal-mart and buy one for 11.99
Sam B
2010-05-14 22:09:21 UTC
Purchase a new keyboard. (Oh i get some good laughs out of these questions)

or attempt a repair, it sounds like the plastic sheet inside your keyboard has slipped somewhat, try removing all the screws and cracking open the keyboard, then clean out all the crud and dust and other.'things' inside there. then make sure you align the 2 or 3 plastic sheets in the keyboard properly with the studs(there are small plastic studs in the keyboard to align these with), and place the push/pop button sheet (dont know the technical term but they are small rubber nubs that have a piece of conductive material in them to complete the circuit and make the keyboard actually work when you push a key) over the top and then screw it back together.

but you have to ask yourself, is an hour or two of your time worth attempting a repair, or would you just rather buy a new keyboard.

I have personally done the above fix with my logitech keyboard but thats because its worth about $100 and some of the keys were sticking because of grime and dirt, so i dissasembled it completely and effectively refurbished it. been going strong for 4 years. :D pity i cant say the same about my mx510, right mouse button is well dead after 4 years of use. xD
Lynne W
2010-05-14 22:02:42 UTC
Are you in Windows?

Head for the character map. Bring up the regular font you're using, and start with the lower case q. If you select that you will see a number for that character; something like "alt + 0123", in the bottom of the window. Copy this info for each character onto a cheat sheet for yourself, and you can use the alt key and the number pad to enter the characters in.

You could also copy and paste from the character map, but using the keypad would be quicker.
2010-05-14 22:24:43 UTC
Yep,...What he said...!

If you have a laptop with a keyboard that's in that bad a shape, you might find a replacement on eBay but you wont be able to remap any keys and on-screen keyboard is your only choice.

Go Figure!
2016-06-03 06:17:25 UTC
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2010-05-14 22:37:51 UTC
get the new keyboard and till then keep using on-screen keyboard it quit good.
2010-05-14 22:02:11 UTC
well you can copy and paste letters... but how would you be able to spell "not" and "any" and "keyboard" with the Y and the T missing? Hence "qwer..uiop"
2010-05-14 22:18:00 UTC
...U cant do nything...uve 2 buy a new one.

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